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Peterswell Plumbing and Heating

W12 9SN
07824 651 136

Our mission at Peterswell Plumbing and Heating is simple: to provide high-quality services for our valued clients. We are  COVID-19 COMPLIANT  and Gas Safe registered. We offer a friendly and professional service and can provide additional services such as building and carpentry to help our clients to make the most of their homes. Read our reviews and visit our website to find out more-  www.peterswellservices.co.uk
Great service
Julie cummins
We had no water in our bathroom. Martin responded really quickly and came out twice to find a solution, all now fixed.
He has been reliable, and done a great job, would highly recommend 
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Highly recommend!
Persa Shadnia
Martin is my go to on anything plumbing related! He's professional, prompt, hard working and trust worthy.. and to top it off, a really lovely guy. If you ever need any plumbing help, Martin is your guy! 
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Great Service
Kate Mitchell
Martin has been helping us with plumbing and assorted other jobs for many years. He can turn his hand to most tasks and is reliable and reasonable. I understand previous feedback has been lost hence the lack of comments but Martin is one of the good guys.
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Excellent! 5+ stars at least.
Chris Hiley
Don't worry that there are so few comments here - Martin definitely exists in the local area of Ws 3 and 4 - and has done for some time. All previous feedback comments have vanished from this site - mine included.  He was heroic, removing a redundant gas mains pipe back in August. He was easy to deal with, friendly and professional and has a nice assistant who gets on with stuff. I was impressed - so impressed he's just been back (October) to sort out some ventilation in the external wall that was far too close to my boiler flue outlet and needed to be blocked up. [I like my neighbours. Keen to reduce the risk of gassing them] And he'll be back again to do some gas pipework for my kitchen refit and then a boiler service. Then I will have run out of things for him to do..... 
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Fantastic Service
Clare Britt
Martin is brilliant. At various points he has mended our boiler, fixed radiators, done annual services and other niggles. He doesn't let you down, sorts out problems quickly, easy to deal with, fair price. Reliable and GREAT! 
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The Best In Plumbing Services
Daniel Jones
Quite simply the best in plumbing services. Martin did all the plumbing in our house when we completely modernised it nearly 10 years ago. We only see him once a year to service the boiler and on the the rare occasions when something goes awry, generally the gas boiler as it is now rather old.  He always turns up quickly, has never let us down, and he also charges fairly, unlike others in this business. Someone to trust and if you need a plumber, to call first.
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