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La Trompette

5-7 Devonshire Rd, Chiswick, W4 2EU
020 8747 1836
020 8995 8097
Owned by Nigel Platts-Martin and Bruce Poole, the partnership behind Chez Bruce in Wandsworth and The Glasshouse in Kew. Book a table
Still the Best
Sarah Bradley
I still remember the duck with morello cherries I had there some years ago as the best meal I ever had
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Chiswick's best
Felicity Caborn
Ate there again recently. Luckily someone else was paying. Wish I had the means to be a regular. It was absolutely wonderful.
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Expensive but worth it
Francis Rowe
The best restaurant in Chiswick and the most expensive.
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Still Chiswick's best
Ann Clark
Have to agree with Diane's comments about La Trompette. Still Chiswick's best restaurant and despite also being the most expensive it is not necessarily bad value given the quality. I noticed when it first opened you would have a good chance of seeing somebody you knew when you went there but on recent visits it did seem to me that it had become a place to impress clients who were more interested in the size of the bill. Hopefully one benefit of the credit crunch is that it will revert to being more of a local restaurant in terms of its clientele.
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Brilliant but not perfect
Diane Brown
Arguably Chiswick's top restaurant and certainly the only one that can really boast a London-wide reputation this is an excellent place to eat. The standard of cooking is consistently high and the food is complimented by a very good wine list. Gripes are difficult to come by but I am sure the restaurant has crammed in several extra covers since first opening and this can make elbow room limited. There is an increase 'expense account' feel to the place. It was never a restaurant that aimed to appeal primarily to the local market but if the proportion of customers who are sales teams from Slough who are being rewarded for meeting their targets continues to increase then it might start to become easier to book a table.
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