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Keever Design

020 8869 0245

Bespoke Kitchen, Bathroom & Bedrooms  

Established 38 years ago as a small family-run company specialising in the design and manufacture of custom built kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.  
Our team consists of a designer, architect, cabinet maker, carpenter, tiler, electrician and plumber to ensure a perfect project from design to completion.  

Over the years we have gained an amazing repeat client list, who have all been happy to recommend us to their family and friends.  
Single storey extension, full renovation
Manlio Papaccio

I approached Pauline, having used her company's services in the past for an excellent kitchen renovation project, to take on a much bigger project. I bought a mid-forties semi-detached three-bedroom house in mid-January 2019 which needed a complete overhaul and a ground floor extension (front porch and lounge). Pauline and John (respectively designer and architect) came up with several great ideas to convert my dreams and wishes into reality. Throughout the duration of the project both Pauline and John had a very flexible approach based on their extensive experience of this type of work which allowed me to make decisions while at the same time steering me towards sensible solutions to avoid potential problems. Having decided and agreed on a preferred solution, one that made best use of all available space both downstairs and upstairs, Pauline's team started the work with a clear deadline which would allow me to move in in mid-April.

The team, comprising of Pauline's son Greg taking care of the internal and external woodwork which was a painstaking labour of love, Luke and his team of builders taking care of the structural extension work, laying new front and back patio areas as well as building a functional and sturdy storage shed, Ovidiu and Ovidiu (two fantastic people sharing the same name and more importantly the same ethic towards quality work) taking care of the lounge, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms renovation, Nicu the electrician responsible for re-wiring the whole house, providing an IT network in all the rooms and fitting external security lights, started working the moment sale completion was achieved. Under Pauline’s expert guidance and her team’s extensive experience no time was wasted, if the weather stopped work, time was recouped by working Saturdays and sometimes even Sundays; the project proceeded without any problems and as previously mentioned Pauline’s and her team’s flexible approach allowed me to make some changes to the original project while taking it all in their stride; truly nothing was too much for them.

Additionally Pauline took care of dealing with a firm providing rubbish skips, dealing with the various utilities, electricity, gas and water, providers and the local council for inspection of the extension work which was carried out under permitted development and making sure that all required certificates, gas, electricity and structural extension, would be in place by the end of the project.

Literally all I had to do most of the time is watch the house changing from a very much neglected property to a beautiful new home under my very eyes.

The project was completed on time and budget and I cannot thank Pauline and her team enough.
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Kitchen and cloakroom
Sue Haycock
We have lived for about 30 years in a 1930s terraced house with smallish rooms, so the importance of good clean and thoughtful design was paramount. We wanted something that kept some ‘old values’ but was clearly modern and able to store all the cooking equipment that one gets in that length of time. There were loads of ‘constraints’ – as with most kitchens!
So imagine our delight when, after about six on-site meetings, design discussions, and in-depth budget/cost consultations, we finally welcomed Luke and his team on the first day of ‘build’. They were superb, always on time, immaculately tidy and both caring and careful, given that we stayed ‘on site’ for nerarly all the weeks of removal, make-good, fitting and finish and installation of a new kitchen and downstairs cloakroom.
But however good Luke’s Lot were, it all started with Pauline and John – she the planner/designer/creator and he as architect and convertor-of-dreams.  Keever Design did everything we asked, on time and on budget, and was always able AND willing to listen to ideas as we had them.  A real pleasure to have them in our home. 

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Kitchen design
David Beresford
Pauline and her team have just finished renovating our kitchen and we could not be more delighted. Pauline’s eye for design is brilliant and she has delivered exactly what we wanted. We could simply not have worked this out without her help.
The work was completed on schedule as promised and pretty well within budget - the only excess being our extravagance in extra finishing touches! Our working team of Ovidiou and Ovidiou ( the 2 Ovis as we called them) together with Greg, who made our cabinets, were great - and their ability to plan each phase in sequence so that no time was wasted was masterly. Having all aspects of the project managed under one team made it all so much more stress free.

Pauline designed our bathroom 13 years ago and we’re still very happy with it  - we’ve asked her to give it a little freshening up in the New Year.so it will be god to work with her again

So many thanks to Pauline and her team - we can thoroughly recommend them.
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Excellent downstairs renovation
Joanna Betts
We had Pauline and her team in to renovate the downstairs of our unusually shaped house, and are incredibly pleased with the results.

Pauline came up with ideas we had never even considered and which make brilliant use of our space. These plans were expertly executed by Luke and his team of builders - I can't praise them highly enough for their attention to detail and hard working, can-do attitude - nothing was too much. They even fed our cat while we were away on holiday for a week!

We loved the end results so much we also ended up getting them to do our living room and garden, which looks amazing.

There are a couple of things we have noticed need fixing a few months since completion - standard with any build - but Pauline and Luke are happy to come round and fix any issues. This after care is very much appreciated.

Excellent work and a friendly, trust worthy team - highly recommended.
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House Renovation
Philippa Lacey
Pauline, Greg, Luke and the team have just finished renovating our house.  The downstairs is unrecognisable and they also transformed the upstairs bathroom and built wardrobes in two of the bedrooms.  Their works is excellent and I would high recommend them.  Luke is the builder and there is not enough nice things you can say about him.  He really cares, which is so rare.  Him and his team work so hard and are fun and kind and listen and do their absolute best to please you. There quality of work is excellent and Pauline and Luke have dealt with all the last little bits of snagging and boring bits, when most people would be tired and have had enough.  They are a really great team.
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Very, very pleased
David McConochie
Pauline, Greg, Luke and team did a great job and I highly recommend them.
They have transformed my home: new kitchen and bathroom, removal of interior wall and lobby, fitted cupboards, new oak floor and complete redecoration.
Everything went very smoothly with a minimum of fuss and all to a high standard especially the cabinet work.
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Bathroom transformation and en-suite
Juan Vazquez Ruiz
Pauline and the team did an amazing job for us on a tight schedule: they converted one of our large bathrooms into a bedroom and built an en-suite in our master bedroom. Pauline was great in making suggestions, and she and her team delivered everything on time and on budget. And they were so clean and organized! They were also really helpful in dealing with all the permissions and regulations, which were cumbersome in our case. Finally, when we made a mistake in ordering the tiles for the new bathroom, Pauline and co put their thinking caps on and in no time they came up with an alternative plan that looks amazing. I really only have good things to say about them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone doing work in their home.
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Revamped bathrooms
Adriane Yeo
Pauline and team did an excellent job of restoring two very tired bathrooms and a cloakroom, quickly, efficiently and to great effect. The men were impressively tidy and did a very professional job. We would have no hesitation in recommending them.
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A remarkable transformation!
Derek Bennett
I found Keever design through this forum & I have to say , the comments from others sum it all up. My original idea was to just freshen the house up with new colours , change the kitchen & generally treat my 3 Bedroom Mid Terrace to a spruce up! Right from the beginning Pauline was bristling with great ideas involving structural change as well as decorative. After an initial consultation a couple of weeks went by whilst Pauline came up with some drawings. I have to say , the creativity was quite remarkable , moving a door a couple of feet can give you a whole new row of wardrobes , a tiny outside space is now a feature. The makeover extended to the entire house , bespoke shelves & cabinets , a bespoke bed with drawers , a bathroom completely reconfigured , a stunning new kitchen. What I have now is a completely new home , sympathetic to its Victorian Heritage but a home for the 21st Century. Having summed everything up , the added value far exceeds the cost of the work. Thank you to everyone at Keever who worked on the project , for keeping the house so tidy throughout , and for taking such care over the detail & quality. Highly recommended !
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Bathroom Transformation
Alexandra Mills
Keever Design have just completed the transformation of our hideous 80's bathroom into a beautiful, contemporary bathroom.

The team were amazing, clean, tidy and efficient.  The standard of workmanship is fantastic.  Pauline maximised the space brilliantly, and managed to allow for everything I asked for including a bespoke vanity unit with marble top, dish basin and waterfall tap.

I cannot recommend Keever highly enough and we have already booked them in to refurbish our shower room.

Thank you again Keever.
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Highly recommended !
Louise Bottomley
Keever Design were recommended by a friend and we have certainly not been disappointed. Pauline's team work in a professional, methodical and clean manner. They have done a fantastic job knocking down walls, designing and building a great new kitchen, 2 bathrooms & new bedrooms. Our home has been transformed beyond recognition.
From start to finish we have been extremely pleased how smoothly the project has run & how much was achieved in a relatively short time frame. Pauline has great ideas, stuck to the budget & is a pleasure to work with.
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Kitchen improvements
Roger Sainsbury
Keever Design have recently done a great job on our kitchen.
We wanted to add some new storage, and change our existing doors and outward facing surfaces to a colour and design of our choosing, having not chosen the existing kitchen ourselves.

We chose Keever design principally because of the end to end service, from interior design to finished build.

Pauline worked patiently with us over a number of sessions to design the new kitchen, and to figure out what would best suit our needs and tastes. This professional design advice was just what we needed, and between us we arrived at a design we were happy with, including a new window in an outside wall.

Moving into the build phase, Pauline was able to schedule the work to coincide with our holiday to minimise the disruption. Pauline's team then worked very hard in our absence to complete the work before we came home - it was a real treat to home home to!

Pauline's team had looked after our house very well in our absence, and left it as clean and tidy as would be possible given the nature of the job. Our neighbours commented on how considerate the team had been, in particular letting them know in advance when noisy work would take place.

We're delighted with the finished results, and our experience of working with Keever Design has been a very happy one. Highly recommended.
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James Eatwell

Keever Design has completed 2 jobs for us. They extended andrefurbished our on suite bathroom. They did this on time (while we were away onholiday) & on budget. We were really impressed with Pauline’s clever designideas and quality of workmanship. The bathroom is wonderful. 

Since they did such a great job with the bathroom, weasked them to carry out a much more extensive job of building an extension,fitting a new kitchen, installing a down stairs guest toilet, knocking throughwalls and re flooring.

As with the bathroom Pauline drew us beautifully detaileddesigns to choose from, listening to our requirements until we were happy withthe design and price of the job.  

It was never going to be easy living upstairs withbuilders carrying major work below us. And with any work of this nature therewere issues from time to time. Pauline was always available to help withproblems and importantly sorted them out for us.

Luke and his team worked very well with a high level of competence& eagerness to get the work done right. They were friendly and consideratethroughout the work.

We love both our bathroom & new kitchen/extension.Keever design have transformed our place into a well designed, wellbuilt home that we love living in.

I would most certainly use Keever Design again 
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Bathroom project
Tom Russell
Keever Design took on our ensuite bathoom including a complete renovation and installing a fitted dressing room. The service is genuinely end-to-end from conception onwards, and we were able to identify some sensible compromises and cost savers in the design phase without sacrificing overall wow factor at the end. They have their own designer and joinery shop. Pauline Keever the owner is very hands-on in terms of project management, and she stuck to her quotation in spite of various unforeseen issues which must have expanded her budgeted costs. The men on site were courteous and had a high level of professional pride in terms of quality of finish, most notably the tiler who had a real challenge in fitting super large (60 x 120cm) porcelain tiles into some awkward shapes, and did an exceptional job with it in my view. I would certainly use Keever Design in the future.
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Living Room Cabinets
John O'Riordan
We chose to speak to Keever Designs based on the feedback from this website. Pauline has an excellent eye and was able to recommend a number of good solutions. Her design and solutions has blended into the existing décor and given the living room a focal point. The work was completed in a tidy and timely fashion and most importantly Gregg was able to adapt the installation to fit in with the environment - we have an old house where the walls and angles are not exact! We were very happy with the work and service and can't recommend them highly enough.
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Stylish, functional and timeless kitchen
Susan Thomas
I was introduced to Keever Design by a very good friend who had used their services. I found their design expertise to be thoughtful, helpful and not overwhelming. John and Pauline listened to our and our family's needs. The designs incorporated the most important aspects of what we needed but they were confident to suggest things we had not thought of.
The staff, Greg, Paul,Video and Luc were amazing. They arrived on time every day, they were 'tight' in complementing each others skills. They were respectful and skilled.
It is this package of design and delivery that makes me recommend Keever Design to you and to thank my friend. I have a beautiful, stylish, functional and timeless kitchen that I enjoy every day.
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Amazing service and design.
Hugh Ip
We were looking for someone to design, project manage and install a brand new kitchen in a small 2 bedroom flat. So we asked various suppliers for multiple quotes and designs, but Keever Designs were a cut above the rest. Pauline has an amazing design ability and came up with three different kitchen designs that made the most out of the small and awkward space. The designs were beautifully hand-drawn and in the end, extremely accurate. She even came to visit us 3 times to discuss fixtures and fittings before we even committed to the project! To me, that shows that customer service is on the top of her agenda.$0$0$0$0Pauline and her team are very responsive, hard-working, diligent, and nothing ever seems to be a problem. Absolutely first class, don't hesitate to use Keever Designs. So much so that they will be coming back soon to install some bespoke fitted wardrobes in our bedroom.$0
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Lovely new bathroom
Richard Jack
From start to finish, Keever delivered a great service on our bathroom. Greg and Luke were friendly and extremely hardworking, and Pauline project-managed it professionally and helpfully. We're delighted with the result, and wouldn't hesitate to use Keever again, or to recommend them.
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The kitchen of my dreams
Angela Weyers
Keever Design has just put the finishing touch to my new kitchen today. I am absolutely delighted with it. Pauline has a wonderful designer's eye. She brought my own ideas to life and improved on them further. (I am keeping her lovely detailed drawings forever!) The work team were friendly, conscientious, efficient and tidy, as well as (thank goodness) dog-friendly! I wholeheartedly recommend Keever Design and will one day be getting them back to do my bathroom. They have given me the kitchen of my dreams!
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Highly recommended transformed my home!
Joanna Cobb
Pauline and her team did a fantastic job in refurbishing our porch and lounge. We've gone from having a mouldy horrid entrance to our house to a warm, bright and welcoming space which has really transformed the appearance of our home. Our lounge ceiling was awful cracked artex with light fittings falling out and the Keever team came in, renewed the finish with great modern lights so that the whole place is much lighter and we no longer feel embarresed about inviting visitors in. The work was done very efficiently, cleanly and cost effectively. I would have no hesitation in recommending Keever Design to others.
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Highly Recommended
Sandra rainbow
I employed Keever Designs to refurbish my kitchen and am delighted with the results. I met with Pauline and John to discuss my ideas which were transformed into several pictorial plans, from which I chose the final design. I had several meetings with Pauline to discuss the final colour scheme and since the units are manufactured in their workshops I was able to choose the final colour from any commercial paint supplier. I had such confidence in the paulines management of the team that I felt comfortable allowing them to start the work when I was on Holiday, the added benefit of this was that all the initial mess was cleared up when I returned.$0$0$0$0I would highly recommend Keever Design for their professionalism and the final product.$0
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Flexible bespoke service
Mark Little
We worked with Keever Design on a major renovation project last year and, while any such endeavour will have its ups & downs, we are delighted with the outcome. They specialise in kitchens and bathrooms, and since the team includes an architect, designer, cabinet-maker and other specialists, they are extremely flexible in coming up with innovative suggestions and in responding to client ideas. Whatever is needed, they will design and build it, at prices that are very competitive for the highly bespoke service they offer - in our case, for example, this included a sunken ensuite bathroom with walk-in shower, and a kitchen island with curved ends and cupboards.
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Highly recommended
Diana Colville
Keever Design has just completed refurbishing our bathroom, which is now absolutely beautiful and the finished result reflects their high standard of workmanship. In their initial meetings with us, Pauline & John listened to our needs and combined them with some innovative ideas of their own, all of which have proved most successful. Budget and schedule were maintained as promised. Pauline's calm approach was constantly reassuring and she was always on hand for consultation during the whole operation. Her team of professionals are meticulous in their work, created as little disruption as was possible, took care to protect our house and furnishings, cleaned up daily and on top of all that were charming to have around. We were recommended to use Keever Design by our neighbours; we are delighted we took their advice and we have no hesitation in highly recommending them ourselves.
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highly recommended
Meera Chand
Pauline & team redesigned and installed our kitchen and decorated a small dining area. They provided a really excellent service from design (with several options and lots of drawings) to installation and advice on choosing appliances and materials. They were flexible and accommodated changes as we went along and Pauline is always available to speak to. The cost was very reasonable compared to quotes from the big kitchen chains. They cleaned up every day and made us a temporary kitchen to get us over Christmas. We are very pleased with the final product and are planning to have them back to do other work.
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Excellent design and work
Robin Wilkinson
Pauline came up with very creative ideas to remodel my recently done but inadequate kitchen, quite a challenging refit, and did outstanding work for a very reasonable cost.  Besides having truly inspired and cost effective design ideas, the project was implemented with good project management, good materials and by excellent workmen who were pleasant, spoke English, and left my house very clean and tidy each day.  Any adjustments requested were dealt with without fuss and I couldn’t have been happier with the process and results.  I would absolutely use them again and highly recommend them.
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Highly Recommended
Dennis Wright
I employed Pauline and her team to transform my 1930’s house. This included the design and installation of a new bathroom, bespoke kitchen (manufactured in their own workshop) with modern appliances and all the ground floor living accommodation. The work was conducted in two phases each of which were delivered on time and on budget to an exceptional standard. Her team which includes an architect, a cabinet maker and a team of professionals delivered all aspects of the project and did so in a pleasant and competent manner. I was kept informed and involved in all aspects of the project as it progressed and any changes were, after discussion with Pauline who often “corrected” my strange ideas, implemented with no fuss or added cost. I cannot recommend them too highly.
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Highly Recommended
Mel Branson
Keever Design were recommended by friends and we commissioned them to undertake a complete kitchen design, production and installation for us. The bespoke and innovative design helped us overcome a number of difficult issues with the kitchen layout in a period property. The completed kitchen is fantastic and is finished to a very high standard (we went for a hand painted finish). Importantly the work was completed on time and within the original stated budget, even though we made some modifications along the way. Pauline and the team are very professional and a pleasure to work with from the design stage right through to the installation. We are thoroughly impressed with our kitchen and would highly recommend them.    
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Flat refurbishment
Roger de Montfort
We used Pauline and her team for a complete refurbishment of a 3 bedroom mansion flat., which involved rewiring, installing a new bathroom and shower room and kitchen and complete redecoration throughout.   Together with her architect colleague John and a great team of guys, she delivered the project to time, budget and a very high standard.  She pays great attention to detail and combines her project management and design skills with John's architectural skills to great effect.  As importantly, they are all really nice people to work with.  Highly recommended.
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Keever Design - highly recommended
Peter Hughes
We used Keever recently to design and fit a main bathroom, an en-suite shower room and a cloakroom .Pauline came up with some great design ideas for the rooms and the whole project was organised efficiently from  start to finish. The work was completed on time and on budget . Very importantly they made the project easy for us with a great end result.
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Keever design have recently designed and....
01/05/2008 Keever design have recently designed and fitted a cloakroom and family bathroom for me. The designs were attractive and made maximum use of the space. All processes, from design through planning to installation were easy and Pauline and her team were a pleasure to have on site.
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I used Keever Design for a complete bath....
29/02/2008 I used Keever Design for a complete bathroom refit and was very pleased with the value and results.
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The whole team at Keever Design are exce....
20/03/2006 The whole team at Keever Design are excellent. They have designed and fitted two bathrooms for us now and are about to embark on a kitchen refit and some structural redesign. Having a designer, architect, plumber and carpenter on the team alongside well established and well tried tradesmen brought in, makes for a very easy time as the customer. Pauline project manages the whole process very efficiently and produces great design tips which are practical and also look good. They earned their fee on the main bathroom just by coming up with the clever idea of sinking the shower into a chimney breast area, thus creating loads more room around for other items (like a huge bath!).
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Keever designed and fitted a new kitchen....
04/11/2004 Keever designed and fitted a new kitchen for me. The end result is excellent. They have their own fitters, not sub-contractors, who are very reliable. They have been very helpful about adjustments and alterations.
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I have used Keever Design for the last 1....
I have used Keever Design for the last 10 years. They do not advertise and all their work comes through recommendation. They have built my kitchen, decorated my Dining Room and made Freestanding Custom Designed furniture for me. They are totally reliable and work is done when they say it will be. If anything needs altering it is never a problem.
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I engaged Keever to do a brand new kitch....
I engaged Keever to do a brand new kitchen and bathroom for me. They were at about the same price level as two other local businesses (also obtained from Chiswickw4.com)that quoted in response to the budget that I set them (and well below a certain national chain with a shop on chiswick high road, especially for the bathroom). I chose Keever as they were reasonable people, very friendly and not at all aggressive, and they also provided me with a detailed plan and perspective drawings to show me what they were quoting for, as well as the detailed quote itself - neither of the others did this and the drawings really helped me to make up my mind (reading all of the biographies on chiswickw4.com I am not sure if any other kitchen/bathroom person provides this - for me the drawings were crucial). Keever incorporated the requirements that I had specified and also came up with other good ideas which they discussed with me before actioning. Work started on schedule and was performed really well - I am really happy with the results as I now have a stunning kitchen and bathroom. My friends who have been round so far have been very impressed. They have asked me for Pauline Keene's mobile number - the one provided by me above. I would definitely use Keever again and I am also using them for other bits of work on my house.
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